Sunday, January 30, 2005

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where are others

The logic of combining Morrisons with Safeway is compelling as it ever was.

If Safeway had not stood still and opened new stores, they would not have been taken over.

Sir Ken Morrison CBE is a highly respectable gentlemen who has worked his way up over the last 50 years.

It was the integration that wiped out profits- not the Morrisons business formula, which is proving popular with customers.

If you do not like what Morrisons has done, leave.

At the end of the day, Mr Morrison is out to make money

It was a takeover.

What people do not understand is that Morrisons did not sell off 200 non- compulsory stores because they were struggling to make money out of them- the truth is they had no intention of keeping them.

If you look closely, they were all the small convenience stores, and small and some medium sized supermarkets. They could not carry the Morrisons store format. As a William Morrison Company, they could do what they liked with their purchase, and if Mr Morrison thought that was the best way to make money, so be it.

If the Safeway management had moved faster to grow the business (and not get it into a genuine mess in thhe first place, i.e. customers would have not stopped shopping there) then they would still be around today.

Now the integration is finished, Mr Morrison is likely to get profits back up to record levels, and he should be credited with that.

Setting up a forum to moan at him, is well pointless. Why not complain to him directly?

More reasons to shop at Morrisons.

As an ex safeway now morrisons
employee i feel that its time we all stood up to be counted. to many politics will only stand in the way of the companys battle to once again be tops.It is hard and we all feel the pressures feels to me like going to the gym most days .Some days its hard to laugh but we all know that there is no sentiment in business we are paid to do a job so whats the good winging?.we are all worth more and one day soon perhaps we will be.Anyway i would be happy if trifle was on the canteen menu lol sparky

so here's to you, sir kenneth morrison......

watch his shins next time.

sir kenneth morrison dislikes paper hats.

whats that reason 253?

buy one pudd'n, get one free.

you sad, sad losers.

bannister ventures to 132.

customer servises really need you.

ill shop at asda


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Known better by their trading names in the UK, Plumb Center, Build Center, Drain Center, Parts Center etc, Wolseley employs around 80,000 staff worldwide and I feel it is only fair that they have a place to share their views.

anchor mill 139

and its nazi dictatorship

the jim charmicheal regime.

its like nazi germany all over again ..

get out while you can seriously, all sorts of people problems .. how he got the job ?... the entire store is still questioning that appointment .

Safeway is too expensive for people like me. Just saying.


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