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Re: Wm Morrisons Supermarkets PLC:
Morrisons Employee Forum

The logic of combining Morrisons with Safeway is compelling as it ever was.

If Safeway had not stood still and opened new stores, they would not have been taken over.

Sir Ken Morrison CBE is a highly respectable gentleman who has worked his way up over the last 50 years.

It was the integration that wiped out profits- not the Morrisons business formula, which is proving popular with customers.

If you do not like what Morrisons has done, leave.

At the end of the day, Mr Morrison is out to make money.

It was a takeover.

Selling the essentials in bulk gets good economies of scale and the value will be passed on to customers, through special offers, etc.

Sub- brand lines that do not make a lot money for their justification should, quite rightly, have been scrapped.

What people do not understand is that Morrisons did not sell off 200 non- compulsory stores because they were struggling to make money out of them- the truth is they had no intention of keeping them.

If you look closely, they were all the small convenience stores, and small and some medium sized supermarkets. They could not carry the Morrisons store format. As a William Morrison Company, they could do what they liked with their purchase, and if Mr Morrison thought that was the best way to make money, so be it.

These stores would not make as much as the large supermaarkets, superstores and hypermarkets which Morrisons has kept.

If the Safeway management had moved faster to grow the business (and not get it into a genuine mess in the first place, i.e. customers would have not stopped shopping there) then they would still be around today.

Now the integration is finished, Mr Morrison is likely to get profits back up to record levels, and he should be credited with that.

Setting up a forum to moan at him, is well pointless. Why not complain to him directly?

More reasons to shop at Morrisons.

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What a load of tosh! Calling all you still sane Morrisons Property Division colleagues that think the adopted hierarchy are a bunch of dinosaurs with an inferiority complex! Is it just me? Since Morrison's took over we have seen the demise of system after system but guess what, Peoplesoft Financial's is set to return. Biggest and most costly "U" turn I've ever seen and where does all that money come from? Everything just gets approved? No questions asked. Not the way to run a major PLC. Our new finance director must be in a spin. Perhaps internal audit would be a start, that would soon sort some of them out. What do you think?
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